The CBD Pod | Watermelon

  • Flavour: Watermelon | Intense

    Strength: 150mg

Embark on your no nicotine vape journey with just one click!

Our watermelon-infused CBD pods are available in 150mg and 250mg of organic CBD, offering up to 600 puffs per pod with zero nicotine and zero added sugar. Enjoy the smooth taste thanks to our use of organic cotton.

Each pod has received third-party lab testing by a world-leading testing facility, Eurofins, with the results published here on our website.

The CBD Pod ONLY works with The CBD Bar.

This product is intended for customers aged 18 or older.

  • Zero Nicotine
  • Zero THC
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Up To 600 Puffs
  • Infused With Organic CBD

Step 1: Remove The Bar from the packaging.
Step 2: Ensure the device is fully charged.
Step 3: Insert The Pod into The Bar.
Step 4: Puff to start your CBD experience.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Watermelon Flavoring, CBD


reduces lithium battery waste

One-Click Pod System




A 0mg nicotine vape is a vaping device that uses nicotine-free e-liquid, providing a vaping experience with zero nicotine. It's ideal for those looking to quit nicotine
Nicotine disposables can contribute to environmental waste as they're single-use items. They're used until the pre-filled liquid or battery runs out and then thrown away. We're against a nicotine disposable vape and support reusable, rechargeable devices for a sustainable vaping experience.
Choosing a 0mg nicotine vape allows you to enjoy the act of vaping without exposing yourself to nicotine, an addictive substance found in traditional cigarettes. It's a great option for those trying to quit smoking.
We offer various nicotine free options with delicious flavours, including Grape, Mango, Watermelon, Kiwi and Mint. Each is designed to deliver a rich, satisfying flavour for a fulfilling, nicotine-free vaping experience.
We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £100. You can enjoy the best value vapes delivered right to your doorstep.
A zero nic vape offers a similar sensory experience to smoking tobacco without the harmful tobacco smoke, chemicals and addictive nicotine. They can be beneficial for smokers looking to quit while still being able to mimic the act of smoking.
On average, a pre filled single pod can offer around 600 puffs, but it can vary based on usage and inhaling habits.
Our nicotine-free vapes are user-friendly. You need to insert the pod into the device, and you're ready to vape our delicious nicotine free vape juice.