The CBD Pod | Kiwi

  • Flavour: Kiwi | Intense

    Strength: 150mg

Begin your nicotine-free journey with just one click! Our vape with no nicotine is available in 150mg and 250mg of organic CBD, delivering up to 600 puffs per pod of our kiwi-infused blend with zero nicotine and zero added sugar. Experience the smooth taste thanks to our use of organic cotton.

Rest assured that each pod has undergone third-party lab testing by Eurofins, a world-leading testing facility, with the results published on our website for your peace of mind.

The CBD Pod ONLY works with The CBD Bar.

Please note that this product is intended for customers aged 18 or older.

  • Zero Nicotine
  • Zero THC
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • Up To 600 Puffs
  • Infused With Organic CBD

Step 1: Remove The Bar from the packaging.
Step 2: Ensure the device is fully charged.
Step 3: Insert The Pod into The Bar.
Step 4: Puff to start your CBD experience.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Kiwi Flavoring, CBD


reduces lithium battery waste

One-Click Pod System




Nicotine free vapes are generally safer than their nicotine counterparts. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and removing it from the equation significantly reduces potential health risks.

However, it's important to note that 'safe' does not mean 'risk-free'. Like any other inhalable product, nicotine-free vapes should be used responsibly. Users should also purchase vape products from reputable brands and sources in the UK to avoid harmful effects from poor-quality products.
Yes, there are a lot of nicotine free options available on the market. This category includes disposable vapes and vape pens filled with nicotine-free e-liquids, perfect for those looking to quit nicotine or prefer vaping without nicotine.

You can also find a wide choice of nicotine-free e-liquids in various popular flavours, giving you a delicious vape experience without the addictive element.
While no vape can be classified as entirely healthy, nicotine-free vapes present a less harmful alternative to tobacco or nicotine-disposable vapes. They allow you to enjoy the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour without exposing your body to the addictive chemicals.

Vape pens and e liquids that are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine based have fewer health risks than smoking tobacco.
Nicotine-free vape won't give you the same kind of buzz or throat hit as vapes with nicotine due to the absence of the addictive ingredients.

However, many vapers enjoy the sensation of the vapour and the flavour of the vape juice and find that this in itself is satisfying. If you're trying to quit smoking, remember cravings for nicotine will decrease over time as your body adjusts to its absence.
The 'throat hit' refers to the sensation one gets in the throat when inhaling vapour or smoke. This sensation is typically more noticeable with nicotine e liquids and can be less pronounced with nicotine free e liquid.

Some vapers prefer a strong hit, reminiscent of smoking a traditional cigarette, while others prefer a smoother inhale that comes with zero nicotine vapes.
Many smokers have successfully used nicotine-free vapes to quit smoking. Transitioning from smoking to vaping and gradually reducing nicotine strength until reaching zero can help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Everyone's journey to quit smoking is unique, and what works best will vary from person to person.
Yes, you can switch between nicotine disposables and zero nicotine vapes. Some vapers use both types, gradually reducing the nicotine content over time to manage their nicotine consumption or quit altogether. Whether you prefer nicotine disposable vapes or a vape with no nicotine, plenty of options are available.
The lack of nicotine in the nicotine-free vape juice might slightly change the overall taste and sensation when vaping, but the fundamental flavours are generally consistent. Some vapers have reported that the flavours come through even more distinctly when using nicotine free vape juice.