The Key

Effortlessly squeeze out every last drop of your Body Cream and future tubes with The Key Tube Squeezer. This sturdy and satisfying roller is the perfect partner to reduce waste and maximise product usage.
Our metal tube squeezer is a simple yet effective tool designed to help you get the last drop out of your Body Cream and can even be used on your plastic toothpaste tubes. Say goodbye to waste and enjoy sustainable satisfaction!

Slide over the end of your tube and roll downwards over the course of using the Body Cream, compressing and squeezing the contents towards the opening.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Slide the The Key onto the end of your aluminium tubes and twist to squeeze out every last bit of the product. It's perfect for the Body Cream, a toothpaste tube, hand cream tubes and gels.
No, the metal design can simply slide on tubes and ensures you get every last drop without damaging them.
Our tube squeezer is designed for use on most metal and plastic tubes. Simply twist and squeeze and stop the waste!
Our tube squeezer promotes sustainable satisfaction by reducing waste and helping you get the very last bit out of your products. It's an environmentally friendly addition to any house.
We offer free shipping for all orders over £100.
Customers who have tried our tube squeezer love it! The average rating for our product is 5 out of 5 stars. Check out the review on our site to see what our customers are saying.
Unfortunately, the key doesn't come with a suction cup holder.