Have you ever noticed how some people seem to get a lot out of CBD, whereas others don’t feel the benefit at all? While it’s true that CBD is not a panacea, there are a number of things you can do to enhance your CBD experience and ensure you’re getting to most out of the world’s favourite supplement!   To help you out, we’ve put together a list of very simple tips that can make the world of difference. Give them a go, and see for yourself…


As the average human body is made of 55-60% water, anything made of fatty molecules (like CBD oil) doesn’t absorb particularly well. Water and oil don’t mix! But there are ways to aid absorption, and therefore get a lot more of the product actually working in your system.

As CBD oil drops are absorbed via the sublingual gland (under your tongue), boosting blood flow to your mouth helps a lot. By taking your drops directly after brushing your teeth or eating something fatty (like mayonnaise, for example) you can increase the absorption rate 5-fold!

Be sure to hold the oil under your tongue for around 2 minutes as well, to give the CBD as much time as possible to work its way in.


Exercise, yoga and meditation have all been shown to trigger the synthesis and release of endocannabinoids (body-balancing neurotransmitters, which CBD also supports production of). 

Because of this, taking CBD alongside these activities can make for even better results, and a deeply holistic effect.   

One study, published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, found that just 30 minutes on a treadmill resulted in a significant increase in anandamide (our ‘bliss molecule’, which helps to restore equilibrium to the body via the endocannabinoid system) in the bloodstream. You may have heard of the term ‘runners high’ -  many experts now believe that it’s this endocannabinoid release may in fact be the main cause, rather than (or as well as) endorphins.   

Another study, undertaken at a 4 day yoga retreat, discovered that meditation also significantly increased anandamide. Subjects had increases of 20% anandamide, 2-AG and 1-AG (two other endocannabinoids) after short meditation sessions.


You may be wondering ‘how much CBD oil should I take?’ – the answer to that is quite unique depending on your needs, although the Food Standards Agency has set a recommended maximum limit of 70mg a day for non-prescription CBD products. 

The best way to find the dose that works for you is to start low, with just 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day, under the tongue, and build up slowly. This method is called microdosing, and is particularly effective when using CBD oral drops and CBD vapes, as these only remain active in the body for around 2-3 hours, so topping up throughout the day gives you the chance to accumulate cannabinoids in your system for more noticeable effects.

Up your dose by a drop or two each time every week, ideally journaling your experience so you can keep track of how you felt at different doses. Hopefully there will come a point where it’s obvious to you that you’ve reached a dose that suits your needs and taking more doesn’t make any difference (or makes you feel sleepy, light headed, or nauseous for a short time).

If you feel you’ve taken too much, don’t worry – the World Health Organisation have deemed CBD to be very safe, and studies have tested it safely in whopping doses as high as 1500mg! Just pull back on your next dose if this happens.


CBD products will not do anything for you if you take them sporadically – it’s important to be consistent if you want to see results. Building up cannabinoids gradually (which supports the build up of your own, naturally produced endocannabinoids too) is far, far more effective. If you’ve tried CBD oil before, you may have taken it as and when you felt like you needed it, perhaps in a moment of acute stress. However, what you really want is for your body to be in such a state of balance all the time that you don’t reach that point!


Layering premium CBD products is a great way to enjoy both general and targeted/local application, which can help address a variety of needs.

Taking CBD internally, using CBD drops, a CBD vape, or CBD capsules allows for a body-wide flow of cannabinoids. But you may wish to boost that by adding a CBD cream to the mix, as every skin cell has endocannabinoid receptors, as do all muscles and joints.

You may be wondering if topical application of CBD really works. Well, there are numerous studies with positive results. One study examining the effect of CBD on arthritis found that application on a CBD gel for 4 consecutive days significantly reduced joint swelling, limb posture scores as a rating of spontaneous pain, immune cell infiltration and thickening of the synovial membrane.

There are also early stage studies exploring the use of CBD for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema with promising results so far.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works for you! Listen to your body, and remember to use CBD products alongside healthy lifestyle choices to really get the most out of it.

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