CBD Advertising on London Buses for the First Time

As of this December, Unique CBD became the first CBD company in the UK to advertise on London buses with TFL- marking a significant moment towards breaking down negative stigma associated with the industry. Here at Unique CBD, we’re always looking for ways to innovate the CBD industry and do things a little differently; so the idea of bus-side advertising was a very exciting one. 

CBD advertisement on London bus side

Advertising and CBD has always been a challenge. This is due partly to misinformation and negative associations that many still feel towards it as an extract, and also because of an unfortunate market presence of untrustworthy, untested CBD brands. It is therefore very limiting when looking for platforms to advertise CBD-based products; almost all social platforms have sweeping restrictions on any ads featuring CBD.

Print media and outdoor advertising, however, is a different story- although not without its challenges. The biggest uncertainty we faced was that no other brand had successfully put a CBD ad on a bus before, so there was no frame of reference for what might be approved- or whether it would be approved at all.

bus design template on computer monitor

However, after several weeks of designs and consultation, we received our full approval from TFL and shortly after started to appear around London. Not only is this a great success for the CBD industry in generating wider awareness, but also as an example to social platforms to consider less restrictive advertising.

CBD bottle on bus advertisement

Since launching the campaign, Unique CBD has seen coverage from The Evening Standard, MyLondon, Wales OnlineBristol Live, and several others - as well as being seen by many thousands of people within the city. As the stigma surrounding CBD is gradually disproved and it becomes more accepted, we intend to continue leading the way in its promotion and advocacy.

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